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Hey folks: Well Hootstock 2018 was an incredible success.

The artists performances were exceptional as always, with 30 plus acts on 5 stages over the weekend. The weather was co-operative with hot temperatures over the weekend, some folks were calling it "Hotstock".

Our new location at the Forest Grove Community grounds was great although it somewhat lacked the ambience of the Old School House site. Having a fully equipped kitchen was nice as well as nice washrooms and showers as a bonus.

Unfortunately as with a lot of small festivals we struggle with the "commercial" success of Hootstock. Our family and friends have always subsidized the event by supplying the sound equipment, countless hours of labour and much in kind support as well as thousands of dollars each year. Astrid personally spent so much time and effort before the event on advertising, community outreach, social media, and during the event making sure everyone was happy and fed, that she mostly missed the performances and visiting with friends that we see on an infrequent basis.

For myself personally ( and my buddies ) we spent a week before setting up and a week after breaking down. So needless to say we get fairly burnt out, coupled with the lack of commercial success as far as getting folks out to the event and the total lack of local support we have decided to change things up.

Hootstock is done as a "public event".

We won't be trying to sell it to people who apparently don't value the event and the magic that happens as much as some of us.

So for 2019 and beyond it will be called " Homestock" and it will held at our farm in Forest Grove the same weekend, 3rd one in July. Here's what the difference's will be. We will not be wasting any money on advertising to the public, this means no posters, radio ads etc. This event will be word of mouth only with invitations sent out to previous supporters of Hootstock.

The event will not technically be a public event. The performances will not be as intense, so only one main performance stage, with a "jam" stage, so a little more casual. We are looking forward to the collaborations that will happen. We will be building a cool new stage on the farm as well as a community kitchen, and some art work in the forest ( something I've wanted to do for years).

There is lots of camping on the farm, good drinking water, and outhouses of course. So in regards to re numeration for performing, we will not be able to guarantee any monies, what we intend to do is to use our equitable formula for performers. This means any money collected from the "chip ins" will be divided up in an equitable fashion for all those who need it. Please check the formula we have created.

There will also be opportunities for board and video recording with our crew supplying the expertise. We are encouraging anyone that would like to perform to contact us and we will see if we can fit you in ( I'm sure we can) We have already had much interest, so get a hold of us sooner than later.

We are super stoked for what is to come and we didn't want the idea of Hootstock to become extinct, so we have just evolved into another form. I am looking forward to what will be. Cheers, Steve

Here's the formula D.A. = ( T.P. x D.T. ) divided by T.T.

D.A.= Dollar amount to artists. T.P. = Time played by the artist. D.T. = Total revenue collected. T.T. = Total running time

Download the 2018 Schedule

CLICK HERE to download the full schedule for Hootstock 2018

Some Big News about Hootstock 2018

We are changing locations this year!

Due to circumstances beyond our control we are not able to use the grounds of the Old Bradley Creek Schoolhouse. We are somewhat sad but also quite excited about the new venue!

The location for Hootstock 2018 will be right in beautiful downtown Forest Grove at the Forest Grove Community grounds. We have used this site on many occasions and it is where the whole idea of Hootstock came about. For a few years we produced an event called the “Hootennany Cafe” out of the Forest Grove Community Hall located on the grounds... and this became the catalyst for the Hootstock Festival.

The location features lots of great facilities, including a baseball diamond, where the two outdoor stages will be located, a hall that holds over 200 people, where we will run a third stage for the first time, and an indoor option if the weather turns totally inclement, and lots of washrooms including ones with wheelchair accessibility. There is lots of great camping spots on site as well as a limited amount of RV spots and lots of parking. Another important thing is the access to drinking water, Forest Grove has the best drinking water anywhere!

Forest Grove is located about 24km east of One Hundred Mile House on the Canim-Hendrix road. Its a quaint little community of about five hundred folks, with a post office, legion, store/gas station, hardware store, and a gourmet restaurant. Ruth Lake, a great place for a swim on a hot day, is about ten minutes away.

Past attendees at Hootstock will remember passing through “ The Grove” on their way out to the previous site. We have plans to run a community stage at various times during the weekend at a location TBA. We anticipate having a good amount of eclectic vendors with food and wares for the weekend.

In conclusion we would like to say that the magic that is Hootstock is created somewhat by the location, but it has a lot more to do with the people that are there. We are really looking forward to seeing friends and meeting some new ones. So come out and share the magic, music, words, dance and cool vibes and share in the Hootstock experience!

The Hootstock 2018 Location on Google Maps

Where the money goes


About Hootstock

The first Hootstock Festival took place in July 2012 at the site of the old Bradley Creek Schoolhouse, which is affectionately known as the Stumpranchers Hall (40 km. East of 100 Mile House B.C. on Eagle Creek Rd).

The Hootstock Festival is an offspring of the Hootenanny Cafe, a local entertainment phenomenon, (see Hootenanny Cafe on Facebook). It was just a one day outdoor festival totally jammed with great entertainment. The festival has no corporate sponsors, all the funds are raised through ticket sales, with the majority of profits going to pay the performers.

Volunteers play an important role in this festival as one can imagine. In 2012, we had more than thirty different acts ranging from old tyme music to varied rock musicians, some great poetry, bellydancers! as well as some modern dance and electronica. You can check out some video on youtube at huncityproductions.



Pretty rustic setting. Great out houses, nice fire pits and camping spots. Folks need to bring their own drinking water please. Wash water will be available on site. We are not sure at this time, but we are guessing we should have 100+ tenting spots and a few R.V. spots. Last year we had some great food vendors that kept everyone happy with some great snacks ! This year will be the same, and we are encouraging other vendors of weird and wonderful goods to Contact Us.


As with most small, cool festivals we would greatly appreciate any help we could get from folks that are like minded in wanting to promote local culture and in turn be involved in something pretty special!! Anyone wanting to help in any way and share their skills with us should Contact Us.


You may have noticed the lack of corporate sponsorship logo's on this web site. We believe that this festival should stand on it own as far as finances go. In order to do this we welcome the co-operation of individuals. We choose not to go around with our hands out looking for money from the government or any other corporations. People are what will make this festival survive, their CO-OPeration and not CORPoration is whats important, and really its all about the music and the entertainment, not money!! CHEERS!!


We will again have music, dancers, poets, story tellers, performance artists, kids performers, someone doing something with fire would be great!! For the performers we can provide much gratitude, lots of hospitality, great food, a great stage and sound show, a really great time and some pay. Aspiring performers are also warmly encouraged.

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