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The Vibe

The Vibe 2018

As many of you folks may know we had to cancel Hootstock 2017 due to the extreme wildfire situation. Although our site was not directly affected by a fire, travel corridors were not secure and being that our location is in a wilderness area, we decided it was best if we canceled. It was a difficult decision that affected many people. Alas like the phoenix we have risen from the ashes to continue our quest for the ultimate summer music festival.

We are so lucky to have most of the scheduled performers from last year agreed to attend this year so we are stoked and you will be too. Tickets have remained at the same super low price as last year. We anticipate having some cool vendors of wares and food. As with all small festivals we love to have volunteers come and help out and join the Hootstock family. Hootstock is a festival for all, old and young, we as organizers love to see folks out having a great time and sharing some very cool music performances from BC, Canada and the world artists. We believe we'll have something pretty special and magical happening at Hootstock July 27-28-29 2018. Come and join us!

The Vibe 2016

The Vibe 2016 Well it gets better every year and Hootstock 2016 was no exception. I was witness to one of the most wicked kitchen jams that has ever happened and may never be repeated again, everyone that was in attendance will attest to the epicness of it !!

Magic happens at every Hootstock to be sure. We had a superb crew of volunteers that kept everyone fed all weekend and we managed to keep our wood fired pizza oven going fairly steady,not everyone may know but the sale of pizza is one of our fund raising schemes we use to pay for the weekend! The lineup was excellent with some great high energy stuff in the evening, some great toe tappin stuff in the day, and some really interesting folks gracing the two stages all weekend. The sound was great, thanks to the fearless sound crew.

The weather was stellar, sunny and warm all weekend. Thanks to the weather fairies !!

Great things are planned for 2017, a great art show in the Old Schoolhouse, as well as a spectacular light show, and a new look for the stage.

To keep Hootstock accessible to as many folks as possible we have not raised the ticket prices this year, we believe we are a exceptionally valuable festival for reasons beyond ticket price !!

Check out the lineup for Hootstock 2017 ...more magic to come !

The Vibe 2014

We are saying the best has yet to come, last years Hootstock was great, but we certainly saw areas that we could improve on and we intend to add to the success that was HOOTSTOCK 2013.

Last years talent line up was stellar and we assure folks, that we have already started to line up some like wise entertainment for 2014! We are hoping to start announcing some names in March.

We will soon be posting some pictures of last years festival and all the happy people. This year we will have two stages, mostly for logistical reasons, as well as improved camping areas, great hospitality food for our performers and volunteers, and some interesting kids performers. We will also be promoting a ride share and a community kitchen, to help make the festival more accessible for everyone!

As with most festivals, we rely on volunteers to help in all aspects of putting on the show, if you think you could help we would love to hear from you. Applications for performers and vendors will be accepted immediately. Unlike a lot of stuff we won't be getting more expensive, ticket prices will remain the same as last year.

We would also like to point out that we are a x NON-COPORATE x festival. We apply for no government grants, nor do we take money or goods from companies. We will accept support from patrons of the arts, families and farms. We believe that people should value the benefit art has on oneself and commnity, when they have that realization there shouldn't be a problem treating themselves to a great time and in turn supporting the folks that make that happen !!!

S.R. Jan 2014

Hopes and Dreams for 2014

As with most on going projects, HOOTSTOCK also has some aspirations of interest. We are hoping to have more static outdoor art displays this year. We will have some stuff of interest to children, maybe some interactive art stuff for everyone, who knows what!

We will also be promoting a ride share and we will be putting up a "community kitchen" so folks that choose to can cook their own grub.

We welcome input from people on ways to improve and make the festival more interesting. We are planning some campsite expansion for this year, as anyone that has been to HOOTSTOCK will attest that we have some pretty cool camp spots already.

We are still quite interested in cleaning the trail to Schoolhouse lake as it a beautiful lake for swimming, and is only about a 30 min hike, it would be great to run up for swim on a hot day. Ruth Lake is also quite close, about a 10min drive down the road.

I would like mostly to say that our biggest aspiration for 2014 is to have a crazy good time, hear some great tunes, stories, poems, see some some cool dancing, eat some tasty food, visit with old friends and make some new ones!!

S.R. Jan 2014

The Vibe 2013

I heard the word magic used quite a few times over the weekend to describe the location, the music and generally the whole atmosphere at the festival. And in fact we had some real magic in the form of a performance by magician extraordinaire Jesaja Class.

All in all the folks that came together for the festival this year were a great bunch, and the energy that was created through the performances was second to none. Being a small festival really works good to give the feeling of intimacy and kinda makes everyone feel like they are part of a special village for the weekend, perhaps we were like a tribe of fun seekers that found our nirvana!

The grounds looked great for the show, with a couple of new outhouses and some standing urinals, and perhaps the most spectacular thing- a new stage! Also new this year was a couple of workshops, thanks to Marianne, Doug, Jeffrey and Gus (for the Teepee).

We also had an art show in the Old Schoolhouse with some great local art on display as well as displays of historic documents from the schools past. We had three food vendors this year including a crepe seller and some great beverages from Kim that included infused waters that ended up being just the thing on a hot day.

The weather was quite favourable all weekend, nice and warm but not to hot. We are already looking forward to next year!!!

The Vibe 2012

Those of us at the site on the Friday night before the event saw a fair bit of rain but it didn't dash our spirits as we huddled around the fire, the twenty or so of us just built the fire up and hoped for some great weather the next day. So we weren't disappointed as the next morning turned quite sunny! By the time the show got started at 10 am everything was dried up and getting hot. Hay bales had been layed out for seating, to the delight of many people, something about the organic nature of them and the nice green smell. Tarps had been set up to provide shelter from the sun ( or rain if it happened ), so everyone was comfortable for watching the days entertainment.

Lots of different folks came by during the day from moms with babies to elders and everyone in between and dogs ( unfortunately they also liked the hay bales for different reasons and won't be allowed next year) The day was pretty interesting as far as entertainment goes, the food venders kept the smell of bannock and other wonderful food in the air.Everyone had smiles on their faces all day.

After sunset the lights went up on the stage and from then on it was non stop dancing for the rest of the night. I'd say folks where pretty chill and the music was great.... all was good in the forest. Looking forward to next year with some cool stuff coming up, some fire performers, some cool workshops, some involving music and others life skills, some art stuff maybe.

Hoping to have some hand drumming on the Thursday night by the fire to get the music spirits and the dancers going. We should have some art installations on display inside the Old School. And we are really hoping to set up a sweat lodge on the Cheautemps Lake, and clean up the trail.

Update as of June 12 /2013;

The crew has been fairly busy at the site doing some cleanup and brushing the campsites etc. A couple of new outhouses are being constructed, as well as a new sound booth and most importantly a fantastic new stage! We will have a fair bit of covered area in case of inclement weather (not likely to happen).

Our performance schedule is filling up with some pretty cool entertainers ( we get them up on the website as we can) . Everyone involved from the volunteers to performers are getting stoked for the show, so with all the positive energy going in to the preperation, the weekend should prove to be lengendary!!